The Office

I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate pictures of the main office in Maryland. This  sensory integrated space has several swings, crash pads, bounce devices,  and  equipment to help coordinate core strength and balance while working on motor skills.    There is also table space for 1:1 intensive work. The space can also be adapted to best suit each client’s individual needs per session.  It really is nice to see the excitement of clients coming in for therapy and the resistance to leave when their session is complete.  Enjoy!

Room 1

This is the vertical writing station designed to strengthen the wrist and hand movement. It is an angled so the child is forced to use specific muscles in their hand. This position also encourages the child to use their non-dominant hand as a stabilizer, which can be difficult for some children to do.

Room 2

This is the table station is used for more hands-on table work activities with clients. It provides a set location for clients to work on more fine motor and visual stimulating goals. The jumpolene to the right it is used for regulation and for play.

Room 3

This is the desk area and coffee stand where clients meet with me and discuss their goals and progress.

Room 4

Pictured here is another play/waiting area. Clients have access to the balance beam and balls for gross motor play and movement therapy. Floortime and other play therapy techniques take place in this area as well.

Room 5

Here is the final area complete with a crash pad cloud and a variety of swings for clients to work on multiple motor, movement, and visual attention skill sets.